Triton is the new musical triumvirate comprised of veteran performers Jeremiah McLane, Timothy Cummings, and Alex Kehler. Hailing from Vermont and Québec, they offer music rooted in the traditional dance repertoire of Northwestern Europe. The three are masters of the piano accordion, the quieter, bellows-blown bagpipes, and fiddle and nykelharpa, together creating a beguiling and orchestral blend which utterly subverts the common stereotypes of their Old World instruments. Their repertoire includes bourrées from central France, triple-time hornpipes from the Scottish Borders, the Swedish slängpolska, the Breton hanter dro, and compelling originals reflecting these influences. Unified by their zeal and musical craftsmanship, their performances are also punctuated with engaging commentary on the music and instruments.

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Un trio avec instruments multiples : violon, nyckelharpa, cistre nordique, accordéon piano, cornemuses écossaises, et whistles. Originaires du Vermont et du Québec, Triton propose un mélange séduisant de musique enracinée dans le repertoire de la danse traditionelle du nord-ouest de l’Europe. Outre des chansons en français, leur repertoire comprend des bourrées du centre de la France, des hornpipes 3 temps des frontières ècossaises, la slängpolska suèdoise, le hanter dro breton et des compositions reflétant ces influences.  Les musiciens sont Jeremiah McLane, Timothy Cummings, et Alex Kehler.
winter events • 2020 • événements d'hiver

Québec, QC:  en concert
au Les p'tits Rendez-vous ès Trad
vendredi, 17 janvier 2020
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Richmond, QC:  en concert
for the Burns Night Celebration
samedi, 18 janvier 2020
7pm at the Réfectoire du Couvent (formerly Centre d'Arts)
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Middlebury, VT:  Breton fest-noz
with Mary Wesley at Middlebury College
Sunday, 19 January 2020
4pm - Free!  at Le Château
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spring & summer • 2020 • printemps & été

(postponed to 2021)
Randolph, VT:  in concert
for the Live & Upstairs at the Chandler
Friday, 8 May 2020
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(reporté à 2021)
North Hatley, QC:  en concert
à La Caravane
vendredi, 29 mai 2020
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(postponed to 2021)
Montpelier, VT
:  contra dance
with Mary Wesley and Eric McDonald
Saturday, 30 May 2020
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(postponed to 2021)
Ottawa, ON:  in concert
for the Old Sod Folk Society
Friday, 5 June 2020
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(postponed to 2021)
Ottawa, ON:  contra dance
with Mary Wesley
Saturday, 6 June 2020
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(reporté à 2021)
Montréal, QC:  contra dance
avec Mary Wesley
dimanche, 7 juin 2020
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(postponed to 2021)
New Bedford, MA:  in concert
for the New Bedford Folk Festival
11-12 July 2020
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